The App is design for selling digital products - Activation Codes, File download (PDF, PNG or any kind of files - coming soon!)

E.g Selling a copy of software online that require activation code after download the software.

The app allow Activation Codes /Files managed, so they can be associate with specific product.

Once customer purchased the product and paid, the app will send out email with the Activation Code or file download link and mark those codes with order number, so you can easily manage your digital assets.


  1. Customer paid for the order.

  2. An paid order will trigger the app.

  3. The app will look for SKUs in the order.

  4. Use SKUs in order to look for Activation Codes / Files associate with those SKUs.

  5. Get the Activation Codes /Files with SKUs in the order and mark those Activation Codes / File download link as registered and associate the order with them.

  6. Send out an email to customer with Activation Codes / File download link.

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