Step 1 - Add a product in the App admin

Add an product already existing on Shopify - make sure the product contain SKU

Step 2 - Upload Activation Codes or upload a file

This is important first step - associate product SKU with Activation Codes or File to download.

Type - File

If customer can download file after purchased the product, then will need to upload an file for customers to download

Type - Activation codes

There is option to enter it manually one by one

Or bulk upload using CSV, the content of the CSV need to be in the following format




The above will associate the activation codes with the selected product

Step 3 - Check the email template

Go to App Admin > Select Entry > Email to customer, make sure the content is correct/suitable.

Step 4 - Enable it - make it Live

Go to App Admin > Select Entry > Change status from Draft to Live

Don't forget to make sure there are activation codes associate with the selected product/entry

Step 5 - Live Test (Optional)

Do a live test order to see the whole thing in action.

Place an order with the above product, then make sure the order is paid.

Then you should receive an email with activation code for that product

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